Why become a sponsor of ECTOH 2023?


General benefits
• You will generate brand value, aligned with your CSR objectives.
• You will promote a positive PR that will improve your positioning.
You will impact your target audience.
• You will support the promotion of your products and services.
• You will boost the loyalty of your customers and partners.
You will expand your network of contacts at all levels.

Specific advantages (related to the objectives of the Congress)
• You will be a driving force for change, along with the main public health institutions at European level and other entities, to achieve an improvement in the health and well-being of society as a whole.
You will be positioning yourself in favour of an improvement in the health conditions of the most vulnerable groups most affected by the negative consequences of tobacco.
You will be contributing to respond to the new challenges for the reduction of tobacco consumption through innovative ideas.

Types of collaborator:
Gold Sponsor
Silver Sponsor

Do you want more information on how to become a sponsor of ECTOH 2023?

or you can write to ectoh2023@contraelcancer.es to be contacted by our department.